Friday, January 1, 2010


Many of us inevitably follow the Gregorian calendar (January, February, March...) due to the societies that we live in. Today is the first day of a new Gregorian year: 2010. In a time when the enemies of Islam are trying to define our Deen for us and make us appear a certain way through the work of the CIA and Zionist Mossad, let's start off the year with a message of hope. There is no message of hope better than the one found within the Qur'an, and conveyed by Prophets throughout history. It is reflected in this khutbah:
On July 12, 2006, the Zionist state launched its bombardment of Lebanon, destroying bridges, roads, as well as its main airport, killing numerous civilians in the process. Only two days later, in this remarkable khutbah, when most Muslims could only see death, destruction, and failure of the Islamic movement under impossible odds, Imam Musa gave us a message of hope and predicted the ultimate victory of Hizbullah over Zionist forces--a reality that became manifest about a month later, alhamdulillah.

"As to those who turn (for friendship) to Allah, His Messenger, and the (Fellowship of) Believers—it is the Party of Allah (Hizbullah) that must certainly triumph."
(Al Ma'idah, 5:56)

A Zionist soldier intimidates two innocent, unarmed Palestinian women

Soldiers of Zionism weep after their humiliating defeat in Lebanon

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