Monday, April 16, 2012

Upcoming Event: "From Occupy Wall Street to a New Global Harmony" (Oakland)

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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The Islamic Institute for Counter Zionist American Psychological Warfare presents…


Speaker: Imam Abdul Alim Musa

Sunday, April 29, 2012 /
1:30 - 3:45 pm

Islamic Institute / 8109-8111 MacArthur Blvd. / Oakland, CA 94605

For further information, call: 202.904.1152 or e-mail:

Subjects to be covered include:

A. Professional Wall Street Occupation.
  • Greatness of purpose + Smallness of means = Astounding results.

B. The “Default” Strategy.
  • At the helm of a global revolution is the 99%--those who are getting kicked out of their homes; forced to choose between groceries and rent; denied quality medical care; and working long hours for little pay (if working at all). It is time for the 99% to liberate themselves by hitting the monster (global Zionist banking institutions) where it hurts most. On individual, national, and international levels, debtors—including individuals, institutions, and countries—should break free from unfair debt contracts by refusing to make payments en masse.

C. Muslim Cultural Development/Replacement.
  • At this time, we are urging youth to actively cultivate and create a viable, popular Muslim counter-culture, incorporating such elements of the arts as halal “message music”. There is a global cultural void that must be filled. Historical trends show that the cultures of the oppressed always rise in popularity and prominence. Let us place Islam and Muslims into a trend-setting position. We can gradually raise the consciousness of the general society, bringing attention to real-life issues (immigration, profiling, FBI and CIA criminal activities, Palestine, targeted killings, drones, invasions, 1% vs. 99%, Islamophobia, etc.) and share a powerful message of optimism, global transformation, and a positive vision of the future.

D. Agricultural Liberation.
  • As America’s economic situation becomes increasingly unstable, the Muslim community should make practical steps toward independence and self-sufficiency. Each masjid in America should link city to countryside by acquiring land for agriculture. For most urban and suburban masajid, land for farming can be found about 40 to 100 miles away, perhaps even less. By developing a network of agricultural suppliers, we no longer have to depend on the shifting fortunes of current suppliers (as can be seen by the rising costs of groceries).

The global consciousness awakening has arrived, and it will be televised. All of humanity is waking up at the same time with a global vision of a new world, full of unlimited possibilities. People across the globe are calling for a new deal for the Earth and all of its living organisms—human, animal, plant, and other. We must visualize that world and start to connect and organize with those who can also see it and, more importantly, who are willing to work for it.

Together, we must develop a plan of action and work with missionary zeal to bring about an Earth liberation movement which aims to free the Earth from the parasitical behavior of man; establish a non-predatory system of interconnected global harmony; nurture and further a culture of “Earth-first” custodianship; understand and respect the rights of the Earth, which should be treated as a living organism (which it is); and envision and actualize a global redesign for the 21st century.

In order to make a new world, we need a new, improved human being to do it. The only question is: What role will Islam and Muslims play in all of this? Toward playing a significant role in these new global circumstances, we have opened two branch offices for the Islamic Institute for Counter Zionist American Psychological Warfare. We have some exciting and important projects in the making, including: a College of Islamic Movement Studies, which will offer classes in Arabic, practical Qur’an and Hadith studies, Akhlaq (Islamic character), historical study of various Islamic movements, and strategic management under conditions of repression; a high-quality physical fitness program which will be results-oriented; and a Department of Strategic and Islamic Studies which will focus on analysis of world events affecting Muslims and strategic planning for the making of a better world.

We will also be working to win the perception management war by challenging the overwhelming influence of the Zionist-controlled media on Muslims and the general public. The scope of our work is both internal and external: it is aimed at building a positive self-image amongst Muslims, while also influencing the direction of global change by presenting Muslims to the world as real human beings with noble dreams, hopes, and aspirations, and a sincere compassion that extends to their families, neighbors, communities, and the entirety of humankind. Presently, our major goals are to:

  • Move forward with efforts to make our own movies/films.
  • Improve and expand our CD and DVD production, duplication, and distribution efforts.
  • Publish the As-Sabiqun book (a compilation of our newsletters) in a two-volume set.
  • Produce and distribute Masjid Al-Islam News once a week (in CD and DVD form).
  • Improve and expand our web presence. This includes making more efficient and effective use of our website, blog, Facebook and YouTube accounts, etc.
  • Monitor Zionist networks, their connections, behavior patterns, modes of operation, etc. Analyze the Zionist grip on humanity established via the media and economics—how it influences government policies, produces Islamophobia, uses perception management, infiltrates and destabilizes our Islamic institutions and aspirations, etc.
  • Continue to develop in the areas of: 1) Re-Africanization of the Islamic movement and 2) De-Israelization of the Islamic movement in North America.
  • Counter and neutralize the effects of shaping and herding (also known as operant conditioning), a tactic employed by the U.S. government to control the direction of the Islamic agenda in North America.
  • Push for a truly global Islamic news service.

A proper analysis of the situation of Muslims locally, nationally, and internationally, would show us that Muslims are not in control of their lives, situations, or events. In selecting and defining a future for ourselves, we must be very brave and innovative. Without a plan or strategy, we are subject to wherever the winds of change take us; we surrender our self-determination and limit ourselves to prevalent trends, currents, and circumstances. We must remind ourselves: Our future should not be determined by our past—it should be determined by our imagination.

Imagination is key. In order to succeed as Islamic workers, we can use our imagination to visualize the proper Islamic movement for this evolutionary century. Let us see ourselves as great problem-solvers and great communicators of truth, with the God-given ability to transform and re-create any kind of society we wish for.

Brief Reflections on the African American Contribution to the Global Islamic Movement

  • The past indigenous Islamic movements in this country were militant, independent, and liberation-oriented. Our movements and organizations today must revive these characteristics (i.e., Re-Africanization of the Islamic Movement). We must be visionary—guided by high Islamic ideals and principles—as well as missionary—willing to do the work necessary to achieve the vision. As we work, we must operate on a high level of self-discipline and courage.
  • In recent years, the Islamic Institute for Counter Zionist American Psychological Warfare has initiated cutting-edge planning and work in the field of de-Israelization of the global Islamic movement. As Muslims, we must stop reacting to others’ expectations and demands and avoid integration and assimilation into the warmongering criminal system of the U.S. government. We must give up apologetic attitudes that have no place in our current circumstance and stand up firmly against tyranny and injustice.
  • Indigenous Muslims must rise to the level necessary to speak up for the rights of immigrant Muslims who are completely dehumanized in the media and live in a state of fear. We, who have been born and raised in the USA, will not tolerate injustice, oppression, and psychological intimidation. While mainstream organizations have isolated us within the U.S., we have been united with the global Islamic movement and the developing worldwide human potential movement, both of which envision a brighter future for humanity, free from the clasp of the greedy and unjust.

More than anything else, what our people need is the transformational power of faith, through which they can turn from being community liabilities to community assets. With this in mind, we look forward to making a new world that Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon them all) would be proud of.

Support us! We will continue to happily fight the Zionist American monster, insha’Allah. If you feel awkward, nervous, or fearful about attending our upcoming program, but would still like to support us, send your donation (in the form of check or money order) to: Masjid Al-Islam / 8210 MacArthur Blvd. / Oakland, CA 94605 (please consider donating in the amount of $5,000, $1,000, $500, $250, or $100). Whatever you send, we pledge to use it—as we have in the past—in a judicious manner. Our Tax ID number is: 94-3062482.

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P.S. For speaking engagements or general advice, call Imam Musa anytime at 202.904.1152 or e-mail:

Also, in closing, dear Bay Area Muslims, you have known our work for 30 years in East Oakland, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia, PA. We have survived saboteurs, agent provocateurs, snitches, informants, and other mischievous characters, yet these Mossad-type agents have not been able to derail or destroy any of our places of worship, schools, or businesses.

* Dinner will be served. *