Friday, September 24, 2010

Recent Media Appearances & Post-FBI Meeting

Imam Musa recently appeared as an audience member in "The Link," a Press TV series which brings together audiences in the U.S. and UK, along with chosen commentators, to generate lively discussion on topics of contemporary relevance. (You may remember that Imam Musa's challenge to Daniel Pipes a few months ago took place on the same program.) This episode's theme is a look at the events of 9/11 and their lasting effects in the world today. Imam Musa speaks first. Check it out:

The Impact of 9/11 on the World

Just after 'Eid, Imam Musa also appeared on RT America, an international news channel, to discuss the Qur'an burning. In addition to what is said here, Imam Musa has made note of the fact that the Qur'an burning issue gave officials of the U.S. government--demonstrated oppressors and killers of Muslims--an opportunity to sound as if they are true champions of compassion, fair treatment, and humanitarian leanings. Yeah, right!

Finally, for those want to hear about what came of Imam Musa's visit with the FBI:

(On the above video, the volume will have to be turned up about halfway through.)

Friday, September 10, 2010

'Eid Mubarak!

For those in the DC area Muslim community:

Insha'Allah, the 'Eid prayer at Masjid Al-Islam will be held on Friday (today!), Sept. 10th @ 10:30 am. If you're in the area, come join us on this festive occasion!

4603 Benning Road
Washington, DC 20019

Directions via Metro: Take the blue line to the Benning Road stop and walk 3 blocks to Benning Road and C Street SE.

The following message from Imam Musa will be distributed throughout the DC area at various celebrations and gatherings:

(Click on flier to enlarge)


The community of Masjid Al-Islam wishes to offer you our warmest greetings and congratulations on this wonderful occasion! May Allah (swt) reward you for your righteous efforts throughout the blessed month of Ramadan.

On Fasting

The human being, Allah’s (swt) greatest creation, has been blessed with a combination of characteristics which, if used properly, can enable him to steadily develop as His khalifah (vicegerent, representative). Conversely, if these very same characteristics are left unchecked, they will lead the human being to a debased existence, making him the lowest of the low.

We are a complex combination of body, mind, and soul; the animalistic and the spiritual. We have within us all attributes of the physical and carnal tendencies that are peculiar to animals, yet there also exists within us the luminous element of spirituality which is the characteristic of angels. The success and salvation of man depends upon the subordination of the animal self to the spiritual self. His sensual instincts and desires must be channeled within the proper limits assigned by Allah (swt). This is possible only when the animal aspect of the human personality surrenders in habitual obedience to the spiritual aspect, instead of constantly working against it. This is where fasting has helped us.

Ramadan and the Islamic Movement

Ramadan serves as a training ground not only for individual struggle (internal jihad), but collective struggle as well. During this period, we focus on our duty to Allah (swt), His Messenger (saw), to leadership, and the general body of believers. As we purify and cleanse ourselves, we review our past actions and make plans for better and more refined output. As we feel appreciation and gratefulness for Allah’s (swt) bounties, we remember those who are oppressed and deprived, and ask ourselves how we can be of assistance to them. As we share in the spirit of togetherness with family and friends, we make preparations to concentrate our efforts, activities, and energies on building strong Islamic institutions which will serve as lighthouses in a society burdened with jahiliyyah.

As Muslims, we must approach fasting in Ramadan as a blessing and opportunity to purify our intentions to engage in sincere Islamic work. We should refocus our attention on who we are and where we want to go. This will furnish us with a clear image of the work that must be done. It will also energize us to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve our lofty and noble goals.

Our Environment

The Zionist Americans have created and sustained a wave of Islamophobia in order to justify and continue its global war on Islam. Through perception management, the peoples of the world—including Muslims—have been subjected to a constant diet of “terror” and “terrorism” via TV, websites, movies, books, and other media, to such a degree that they make an automatic psychological association between the beautiful Deen of Islam on the one hand, and barbaric violence on the other. Islam has been made to seem like a religion of fanatics and suicide bombers, and the peace-loving Muslims of Iraq and Afghanistan have been made out to be warmongers. By establishing this image in the public mind, the Zionist Americans have made it easy to justify their invasion and brutal murder of innocent Muslims across the globe and keep the Muslims here frozen in a defensive posture.

Today’s Message

We at Masjid Al-Islam in Southeast Washington, DC, have been standing up against Zionist American oppression and psychological warfare for 30 years. As Muslims native to North America, we have gladly accepted this responsibility. Today, our focus is to maintain the following policies in our work:

Re-Africanization of the Islamic movement in North America. The vibrancy of the homegrown Islamic movement in North America (the Islamic Party, Dar al-Islam movement, etc.) was replaced, over time, by groups and organizations which have subjected their goals, ideas, and aspirations to the dictates of the U.S. government. This process has had devastating effects on the Islamic movement here, draining it of all dynamism and independence, and confining it within the status quo. Several African-American leaders and speakers, eager for financial stability, prosperity, popularity, etc., allowed themselves to be firmly incorporated within this costly detour. The rightful torchbearers of the Islamic struggle in America today will be those who have not given in to these low motives and have remained consistently involved in our historical struggle against the status quo.

De-Israelization of the Islamic movement in North America. The global Islamic movement has been littered with infiltrators, informers, saboteurs, destabilizers, and munafiqs who, disguised as Muslims, commit harmful acts around the world on behalf of the FBI, CIA, and Mossad in order to justify and perpetuate the oppression of our Ummah. These elements are meant to sow discord, division, and disunity; to pacify the Muslims by making Islam a merely “personal” affair; to create and promote approaches to Islam which will be harmoniously subservient to the international Zionist and imperialist agenda; and to ensure that the Muslims remain in a defensive position, exhausting all of their time, energy, and resources on ineffective and unworthy goals. As Muslims, we must always define our own struggle and steer clear of these traps and snares.

As a community, we have survived over 30 years of every imaginable fitnah, including saboteurs, infiltrators, and agent provocateurs sent by the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security, and others. Yet, we are still here, ready to serve. We will continue to stand up on behalf of Islamic causes around the world, including human, animal, and Earth rights. We want to rise to a level necessary to combat the evil forces at work. The Islamic Institute for Counter Zionist American Psychological Warfare needs your monetary help. There is a global war against us and we must rise to the occasion. The level of sophistication needed is beyond our present capacity. Help us with as big a contribution as your vision and faith can stand. You can send a check or money order to: Masjid Al-Islam / 4603 Benning Road SE / Washington, DC 20019.
–Imam Abdul Alim Musa

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Al-Quds Day 2010

It's the holy month of Ramadan and many of us are busy fulfilling the obligation of fasting and performing extra acts of worship, such as nafl prayers, dhikr, du'as, etc. Meanwhile, our Palestinian brothers and sisters are being slowly and silently starved to death. Can we do anything more for them than make du'as?

As we work to purify ourselves during this holy month, we are presented with an opportunity to go beyond du'as. On Friday, Sept. 3rd, join us at Dupont Circle at 11am as we gather for the annual Al-Quds Day rally. Insha'Allah, this rally will provide more than just a momentary, one-time emotional invigoration. We will provide resources for participation in a year-round consumer boycott of several American companies that provide economic support to the Zionist apartheid system.

What is Al-Quds Day?

Al-Quds is Arabic for Jerusalem, the Holy Land. Yawm-al Quds or Al-Quds Day is a day of solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians in their struggle against the Zionist-apartheid system of Israel. Al-Quds Day also extends beyond Palestine to support all oppressed people in their struggles across the world. All over the world, rallies and marches are held on this day, the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, in order to pledge solidarity with those struggling to live in dignity, in a world free from oppression and injustice.

This day is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with the oppressed in their struggles all over the world, from Palestine to Iraq, from Congo to Honduras, and from China to right here in our own backyards in the United States. On September 3, 2010 at 11 am, join us and other local community leaders and activists for this historical protest and pledge your solidarity with those seeking a just peace in Palestine and around the world.

For further details about this year's Al-Quds Day rallies, here and in cities across the country, visit: