Saturday, October 31, 2009

Imam Luqman

On Wednesday, October 28, 2009, Imam Luqman Abdullah was killed--we say martyred--at the hands of the FBI.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un ("To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return").

First and foremost, we are unconcerned with the portrayal of Imam Luqman and the National Ummah painted by the Zionist corporate media which has, for years, churned out a tainted and slanted truth in order to keep viewers psychologically and politically managed. Instead, we judge Imam Luqman according to our own standards. For the many years in which we knew him, Imam Luqman was a good friend, a person of noble character, charitable in deed, and always with a ready word against the unjust oppressors of this earth. Since Imam Jamil's imprisonment in 2000, Imam Luqman was strongly committed to raising funds for the Imam and his family. We pray that Allah (swt) accept his martyrdom and forgive him of any shortcomings. Please keep him and his family in your du'as.

"Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the Presence of their Lord... They glory in the Grace and Bounty from Allah, and in the fact that Allah suffereth not the reward of the Faithful to be lost (in the least)." (Al 'Imran, 3:169 and 171)

, more information will be forthcoming...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Imam Musa & Hip Hop

In recent years, Imam Musa has often noted the heavy impact that media--and the arts in general (movies, music, etc.)--have on people. In a khutbah given in late July, he noted that with rap music in particular, it has been manipulated--by outside forces--from its original flavor of conscious struggle and self-determination, and insisted that the original spirit of rap music must be brought back today in order to inspire and educate masses of people who have lost direction due to the pervasive influence of the Zionist and corporate media. This could be just one of the weapons in our arsenal as we continue our multi-faceted [non-military] guerrilla offensive against ignorance and anti-Islam.

With this being said, we were pleasantly surprised to discover recently an audio clip from one of Imam Musa's khutbahs featured on a track entitled "God-Given" by Muslim hip hop artist Yusuf Abdul-Mateen. Br. Yusuf forms one-half of the hip hop team Blak Madeen, a unique and sociopolitically apt duo which hails from Boston, MA. They will be releasing their second album, entitled Sacred Defense, in mid-November. Check out the track featuring the clip of Imam Musa by clicking here.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

On Behalf of the Forgotten

As-salaamu 'alaikum, dear believers!

A recent message from Imam Musa:


The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "Every Muslim is a Muslim's brother. He should neither harm him nor leave him alone when others treat him unjustly (but try to help him). Whomever will fulfill the need of a brother, Allah (swt) will fulfill his need, and whoever will remove a distress of a Muslim, he will find a distress of his removed on the Day of Requital, and whomever will hide the shame of a Muslim, his sins will be hidden by Allah (swt) on the Last Day." (Sahih Muslim)

The Prophet (saw) also said: "He who equips a warrior in the way of Allah (swt) is like the one who actually fights, and he who looks after the family of a warrior in the way of Allah in fact participated in the battle." (Sahih Muslim)

My name is Abdul Alim Musa. I am the imam of Masjid Al-Islam, which has locations in Washington, DC, and Oakland, CA, and the Amir of As-Sabiqun, an Islamic movement based in America which aims to establish self-sustaining Islamic communities across the country (for more info, visit

As Muslims, we are prescribed to look after one another, especially when our fellow believers are facing serious hardship or difficulty. Many of us have forgotten about the toll that U.S. government oppression has taken on our community. In recent years, a countless number of innocent Muslims—men and women—have been unjustly harassed and jailed on account of false charges. Each of their families has suffered tremendously, facing the loss of a breadwinner, a life companion, or even a loving parent who once filled their lives.

This reality can no longer remain ignored.
It is our collective duty to support our brothers and sisters who are facing unjust oppression. For this reason, I am respectfully requesting from you an opportunity to make a short presentation after the Maghrib, ‘Isha, or Jumu’ah prayer at your center—whichever is most feasible—with the purpose of raising funds for our imprisoned brothers and sisters, both for their legal defense and their families. I am also available to give a Jumu’ah khutbah.
Our ultimate goal is raise $1 million for this purpose, as well as to form a legal review committee that can take steps toward liberating our brothers and sisters from their current conditions.

To grant my request, please call me: 202.904.1152, or e-mail me: To learn more about our community, please visit our website (listed above). We would also like to welcome you to visit one of our locations: Masjid Al-Islam / 4603 Benning Road SE / Washington, DC 20019, or Masjid Al-Islam / 8210 MacArthur Blvd. / Oakland, CA 94605. Our community is based on the institutional cornerstones of: 1) masjid, 2) full-time Islamic school, 3) businesses, and 4) geographical integrity (living close together). We are a strong and independent community that receives no funding from overseas financiers. We have made it to where we are only because of Allah’s (swt) grace and the generous contributions of supportive Muslims. We now ask you to help us in our endeavors to provide assistance to the less fortunate in our Ummah.


If you would like to contribute to the Assistance Fund, simply click on the flier image above, print it out, fill out the slip, and mail it in with your donation. If you are interested in having Imam Musa visit your masjid or Islamic center, contact us via phone or e-mail and make arrangements with your local leadership.