Sunday, October 25, 2009

Imam Musa & Hip Hop

In recent years, Imam Musa has often noted the heavy impact that media--and the arts in general (movies, music, etc.)--have on people. In a khutbah given in late July, he noted that with rap music in particular, it has been manipulated--by outside forces--from its original flavor of conscious struggle and self-determination, and insisted that the original spirit of rap music must be brought back today in order to inspire and educate masses of people who have lost direction due to the pervasive influence of the Zionist and corporate media. This could be just one of the weapons in our arsenal as we continue our multi-faceted [non-military] guerrilla offensive against ignorance and anti-Islam.

With this being said, we were pleasantly surprised to discover recently an audio clip from one of Imam Musa's khutbahs featured on a track entitled "God-Given" by Muslim hip hop artist Yusuf Abdul-Mateen. Br. Yusuf forms one-half of the hip hop team Blak Madeen, a unique and sociopolitically apt duo which hails from Boston, MA. They will be releasing their second album, entitled Sacred Defense, in mid-November. Check out the track featuring the clip of Imam Musa by clicking here.

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