Thursday, May 14, 2009

Upcoming Program for New Muslims @ Masjid Al-Islam (DC)

As-salaamu 'alaikum, dear brothers and sisters!

, within the past year we have had a tremendous outpouring of young people accepting Islam. We feel it is our duty to help facilitate their transition. Please come out and support our young brothers and sisters as they strive to make Islam a living force in their lives. Click on the above flier for details.

P.S. The artists whose photos are featured on the flier will NOT be making guest appearances. They simply happened to be the best photos that could be found to achieve the desired "look" (with our target audience in mind).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"From the Shadows"

I just discovered that on May 4th, a brother from the UK actually contacted us, wondering whether Imam Musa would be available to come to the UK to give a series of lectures. On May 5th, the ban on 16 individuals from entering the UK--including Imam Musa--was publicly announced (despite its being placed last October). Coincidence? Perhaps...

Click on the link below and listen for the narration on any of the videos. Sound familiar??? Remember those mysterious tapes that were being circulated around the Muslim community like crazy a few years ago?

From the Shadows: Exposing the New World Order

"From the Shadows" was actually written by a brother by the name of Abdul Karim Hattin of the UK. This was the very brother who contacted us just before the public announcement of the ban. He is currently engaged in active da'wah work throughout the UK. To view more of his videos, click on any of the links below:

Istiqama Media (YouTube channel page)

Delusion of the Modernists, page 1

Delusion of the Modernists, page 2

Friday, May 8, 2009

FYI: Imam Musa Banned from the UK

As you all may know, Imam Musa, along with 15 others, has been banned from the UK. The name is misspelled (Abdul "Ali" Musa), the reasoning is flimsy ("considered to be engaging in unacceptable behaviour by glorifying terrorist violence"), and the timing is a mystery (it's been a while since Imam Musa has traveled, or shown desire to travel, to the UK). And what was Imam Musa's reaction? [jokingly] "I'm so hurt."

In the words of one of our associates, Iqbal Siddiqui, who is based in the UK:

"What has probably got Imam Musa on to the list of people banned from the UK is the fact that he is a charismatic and fearless speaker, who has never taken a backward step when challenged to speak his mind on any subject... he is a clear thinker and direct speaker, with a knack of cutting straight to the heart of any issue concerning Muslims in America or the world."

To read more of Iqbal Siddiqui's thoughts, click here.

And regarding our own views on "terrorism":

When one speaks of terrorism, if one is speaking of the terrorism behind the dropping of 500-lb. bombs on women and children, or the terrorism of telling a civilian population to leave town while sealing off all the exits, in order to ensure their slaughter, or the terrorism of shooting pre-teen Palestinian schoolchildren to death, then this is our definition of terrorism. If it is the "TV terrorists" one speaks of--the mysterious "Al-Qaeda" network (provided as a means to demonize the goals of the Islamic movement at large), well, for us this is all wrapped up in a CIA-style cloud of questionable authenticity. When it comes to "suicide bombers"--if what is being referred to are those in Palestine who target military personnel and armed settlers, consciously sacrificing themselves to defend the helpless and innocent against oppression and injustice
--then Imam Musa considers them martyrs in the way of Allah (insha'Allah). The dynamics of the oppressor vs. the oppressed must be taken into consideration.

We praise the Islamic resistance against the occupying Zionist oppressor, and we also hope for and dream of a world where such fighting is not even necessary; where people deal fairly and justly with each other, and such oppression is outdated. The human being has all of the ingredients it needs--knowledge, resources, technology--to create such a world... all except for the collective management and control of his own lower nafs.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Upcoming Fundraiser @ Masjid Al-Islam (Oakland)

Masjid Al-Islam is a functional, independent Muslim community in the heart of East Oakland. We are a community with big dreams and aspirations. For several years, we have maintained our principles of self-determination, moral and spiritual development, establishment of healthy family life, and uncompromising outspokenness against the injustices perpetrated locally and globally by Zionists and imperialistic governments. As a result, we have encountered several forms of opposition, including agent provocateurs, community destroyers, focus-diverters, energy-consumers, etc. These have proven to be an invaluable asset, as we have been trained—through these experiences—to overcome any and all obstacles to our progress.

Due to its stubborn loyalty to a historical pattern of injustice, the U.S. power structure has officially destroyed itself. Just as communism destroyed communism, now capitalism has destroyed capitalism. At this critical juncture, our mission is to help the American people (the American government is not our concern, and never has been).

“Who is better in speech than one who calls (men) to Allah, works righteousness, and says, ‘I am of those who bow in Islam’? Nor can Goodness and Evil be equal. Repel (Evil) with what is better: Then will he between whom and thee was hatred become as it were thy friend and intimate!” (Fussilat, 41:33-34)

The era of wholesale oppression has come to an end. We believe that Islam must now play its proper constructive role in a newly emerging world order—one that is based on humanitarian, earth-friendly, and life-friendly values.

On a local level, our part during this time is to consolidate our efforts in building a dynamic model Islamic community in the heart of Oakland, based on the institutional cornerstones of: 1) masjid, 2) full-time Islamic school, 3) businesses, and 4) geographical integrity (living close together). Over the years, by the grace and mercy of Allah (swt), we have made a lot of progress. We presently own and operate nearly $10 million in land and property. We have also established one of the best full-time Islamic schooling efforts in the area, providing a well-rounded education to the Muslim children of East Oakland. Now, it is our goal is to strengthen our geographical integrity via renovation and building of new residential space for Muslim families and new commercial space for Muslim-owned businesses. Any contributions to this cause would be highly appreciated. Please send your check or money order to: Masjid Al-Islam Building & Renovation Project / 8210 MacArthur Blvd. / Oakland, CA 94605.

The U.S. government, along with local officials, has constantly interrupted our Islamic efforts with infiltrators, informers, agent provocateurs, saboteurs, destabilizers, rumor-spreaders, etc.; yet we have survived and thrived. We have stayed focused and on target. Recently, a group of saboteurs pretending to be well-meaning Muslims who share in our ideas of community development moved into one of our properties and thoroughly destroyed it, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. In spite of such tactics, we continue to move forward with a spirit of positivity and loving disposition to aid and assist our people.

For further information, call: 202.904.1152 or 510.638.4541.