Sunday, May 10, 2009

"From the Shadows"

I just discovered that on May 4th, a brother from the UK actually contacted us, wondering whether Imam Musa would be available to come to the UK to give a series of lectures. On May 5th, the ban on 16 individuals from entering the UK--including Imam Musa--was publicly announced (despite its being placed last October). Coincidence? Perhaps...

Click on the link below and listen for the narration on any of the videos. Sound familiar??? Remember those mysterious tapes that were being circulated around the Muslim community like crazy a few years ago?

From the Shadows: Exposing the New World Order

"From the Shadows" was actually written by a brother by the name of Abdul Karim Hattin of the UK. This was the very brother who contacted us just before the public announcement of the ban. He is currently engaged in active da'wah work throughout the UK. To view more of his videos, click on any of the links below:

Istiqama Media (YouTube channel page)

Delusion of the Modernists, page 1

Delusion of the Modernists, page 2

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