Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three New Khutbahs!

New Videos
  • Strategic Behavior (July 23, 2004) - In this khutbah, the following topics are discussed: utilizing the Qur'an as a basis for analysis of life issues, world issues, etc.; Allah's promise to the Muslims who sincerely believe and work righteousness; analysis of circumstances for the Islamic agenda in the U.S.; working together toward common goals for Allah's favor; planning and doing NOW.
  • Firmness + Dhikr + Unity = Success (March 26, 2010) - In this khutbah, Imam Musa discusses ayahs 46-47 in Surah al-Anfal. Topics include: the term "jihadi cool", having a correct understanding of the "how" of jihad; the international intelligence network; government management of the Islamic movement; the legal differences of the mujtahid imams; patience in struggling for change.
  • To Each Is a Goal (April 16, 2010) - In this khutbah, Imam Musa delivers a cost-benefit analysis on the universally important practice of goal-setting.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Next Sunday: Bombing Patterns (DC)

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A Conspiracy Against Islam & Muslims

Sunday, July 25, 2010
5:00 - 7:30 pm

Speaker: Imam Abdul Alim Musa

Masjid Al-Islam / 4603 Benning Road SE / Washington, DC 20019

Website: / E-mail: / Call: 202.904.1152

“Mighty indeed were the plots which they made, but their plots were (well) within the sight of Allah, even though they were such as to shake the hills! Never think that Allah would fail His messengers in His promise: For Allah is Exalted in Power—the Lord of Retribution.” (14:46-47)

Every waking day, a new threatening Muslim-made plot seems to emerge and present itself in the Western media. One can barely watch the news without hearing about the newest bombing or other threat posed by some previously-unheard-of group Muslim terrorists.

We at Masjid Al-Islam are sick and tired of these bogus threats and news reports. We are sick and tired of Washington, DC (CIA), Tel Aviv (Mossad), and Hindustan (RAW) scheming, staging secretive operations, bombing and killing innocent people, and then blaming these attacks on Muslims in order to give Islam a bad name and justify their continued murder and occupation of Muslim peoples and lands.

We will not remain silent while innocent, hardworking, peace-loving Muslims are being killed on an unprecedented scale. We shall stand up for Islam, against oppression and injustice, whether the West likes it or not.

“Abraham was indeed a model. Devoutly obedient to Allah, (and) true in faith, and he joined not gods with Allah.” (16:120-122)

If we stand alone, we shall do our best to give a true representation of reality as we see it. If you would like to support the efforts of the Islamic Institute for Counter Zionist American Psychological Warfare, send a check or money order to: Masjid Al-Islam / 4603 Benning Road SE / Washington, DC 20019 (please consider donating in the amount of $5,000, $1,000, $500, $250, or $100). Whatever you send, we pledge to use it—as we have in the past—in a judicious manner.

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This message & program are sponsored by:
Masjid Al-Islam & the As-Sabiqun movement / 4603 Benning Road SE / Washington, DC 20019
The Islamic Institute for Counter Zionist American Psychological Warfare / Earth Liberation Front / Earth Rights Movement / 5021 A Street SE / Washington, DC 20019

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Riyaadah 2010

This year's Riyaadah is just two weeks away! Visit the website to plan your trip to Philly or check for details about vending, competing, etc.

What is the Riyaadah?
To sum it up, it's like one big Muslim family reunion. Over the years, it's been held in different locations across the country (this year in Philly). There are several events and activities: For the athletes in our Ummah, there are all kinds of individual competitions and group sports; for those seeking knowledge and understanding, there are various lectures, seminars, and workshops on bringing the teachings of Islam into our lives. For those who want to see what's new on the cultural scene, there are programs to display the creativity we have in our Ummah. And of course, for those of you who are looking for new khimars, shirts, books, etc., there are plenty of vendors. Bring your family and friends and experience the spirit of Islam and togetherness!

To visit the Riyaadah website, click here.
To register for this year's Riyaadah, click here.
To learn more about the Riyaadah and its history, click here.