Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three New Khutbahs!

New Videos
  • Strategic Behavior (July 23, 2004) - In this khutbah, the following topics are discussed: utilizing the Qur'an as a basis for analysis of life issues, world issues, etc.; Allah's promise to the Muslims who sincerely believe and work righteousness; analysis of circumstances for the Islamic agenda in the U.S.; working together toward common goals for Allah's favor; planning and doing NOW.
  • Firmness + Dhikr + Unity = Success (March 26, 2010) - In this khutbah, Imam Musa discusses ayahs 46-47 in Surah al-Anfal. Topics include: the term "jihadi cool", having a correct understanding of the "how" of jihad; the international intelligence network; government management of the Islamic movement; the legal differences of the mujtahid imams; patience in struggling for change.
  • To Each Is a Goal (April 16, 2010) - In this khutbah, Imam Musa delivers a cost-benefit analysis on the universally important practice of goal-setting.