Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Khutbahs!

This past weekend, we marked the beginning of a new Islamic year. With the start of this year, we are launching an effort to keep our website updated with new material. So in the coming weeks, several khutbahs and lectures will be added to the Audio and Videos pages of our website. Some will fill in gaps from the past few months and years; others will be completely fresh-and-new.

For subscribers to our YouTube channel (SabiqunDC), there will be new videos added there as well (which will coincide with what is added to our website). Subscribe if you haven't already!

We're sure many of you have been waiting for this. Stay tuned...

This week, five khutbahs have been added:

New Audio

New Videos (These are not on our website yet but can still be viewed online.)
  • CIA Pattern of Deception (May 14, 2004) - This khutbah was delivered in Washington, DC, on May 14, 2004. In this well-known "classic", Imam Musa examines the control of democracy; the psychological and political management of people; and, of course, the CIA's use of sinister and deceptive methods in order to achieve preconceived agendas.
  • World Class Movement (Dec. 4, 2009) - Imam Musa elaborates on the high aspirations of the As-Sabiqun movement as agents of change in a society and in a world that needs new direction. In striving for these high aspirations, he lays down some key Qur'anic principles. He also offers helpful insight regarding how to thrive in spite of a hostile environment.
* * *

Also, if you're in the DC-MD-VA area, don't forget to come by and support the family of Imam Luqman at our fundraiser tomorrow (for more info, click here)!

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