Monday, September 19, 2011

Imam Musa on the Middle East, Islamophobia, and U.S. Repression

Click on the links below to view three of Imam Musa's recent appearances on Press TV:
  • 'US, Israel stuck in the 20th century' - On the backdrop of Imam Khamanei's insightful and inspiring comments at the first International Conference on Islamic Awakening, held in Tehran, Imam Musa speaks about the evolutionary phases that the changes in the Middle East are undergoing, which will eventually--and inevitably--take on an Islamic character.
  • 'Muslims live in fear in America' - Imam Musa speaks about how infiltration, monitoring, and spying have been such an integrated part of U.S. government operations throughout history; how this adversely affects the Muslims today; and the root causes and persons behind today's Islamophobia.

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