Friday, April 16, 2010

New Newsletters!

Since its inception, As-Sabiqun has been a movement/organization built on careful thinking, planning, forecasting, and work. This is perhaps best reflected by the longevity of As-Sabiqun: in spite of constant setbacks and opposition, As-Sabiqun has endured 15 years of existence as a nationwide movement, and if we regard the establishment of the first Masjid Al-Islam as our starting point, then we count 30 years. This has only been possible through the grace of Allah (swt), who blessed us with a strong leadership with a good grasp on the times that we live in.

The newsletters we have recently uploaded onto our website will give our readers a view into the thinking, planning, and strategizing that has gone into--and continues to go into--our movement work. They include our To-Do Lists of recent years (this year's is coming soon), one on the Anti-Terrorism Bill passed in 1996 and another on 9/11, and Imam Musa's most recent writings on strategy and strategic management. To view them, click here, or visit our website, go to Media > Newsletters.
  • The to-do lists provide a picture of what our work really boils down to: small objectives that lead up to bigger goals. Although to-do lists have always been a part of our planning process, it is only in recent years that they have been published in our newsletter format. We are uploading them onto our site to give our supporters and those interested in As-Sabiqun an idea of the nitty-gritty. Let it be known that when it comes to As-Sabiqun, it's not "all talk".
  • The newsletters on the Anti-Terrorism Bill and 9/11, from June 1999 and March 2002, respectively, give guidance and clarity for pivotal moments in our contemporary history as Muslims in North America. They cover issues that are defining issues in terms of Muslim leadership here in the U.S.
  • Finally, there are Imam Musa's recent writings on the topics of strategy and management. "Strategy," from Sept. 2007, provides a comprehensive overview of our approach and understanding of environmental circumstances throughout the years. It is a testament to the steadfastness of our leadership and direction. "Strategic Management under Conditions of Repression," from Oct. 2008, is essential reading for those who consider themselves to be supporters of the Islamic movement in North America.
These writings should be taken for exactly what they are: not mere intellectual acrobatics, but insight born from years of struggle and hard work.


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