Friday, February 12, 2010

Imam Musa, Kamal Nawash, & the Obama Budget

Yep, you heard right--in the latest edition of Press TV's "American Dream," Imam Musa sits at the roundtable with none other than Kamal Nawash to discuss Obama's $3.8 trillion budget. Described by some as a "favorite Muslim" of Islam-haters (Daniel Pipes calls him "brave" and "creative"), and by others as a "self-loathing Muslim", Nawash gained notoriety a few years ago as the odd personality behind the unpopular "March Against Terror" held in DC, which voiced support for U.S.-sponsored "freedom and democracy in the Middle East and Muslim world". That being said, this roundtable discussion proves to be an interesting interplay, and of course Imam Musa represents as usual.

Note: The portion with Imam Musa and Nawash is the second half (the first half has another set of guests). To get straight to the second half, simply drag the bar to the middle point.

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