Friday, December 4, 2009

In My Own Words: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Br. Mahmoud told us that this interview (link below) was one of the few instances where a journalist kept his/her word by not over-editing; he even gave the reporter, Drew Goodman, a rare "thank you" call after watching it.

In My Own Words: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

There's a total of 4 videos here; if you wait through the 10-second countdown after each, the subsequent video will begin. In case the first part doesn't come on automatically, click on the image at the bottom labeled "IMOW: Abdul-Rauf won't stand". Here's the overall order:

IMOW: Abdul-Rauf won't stand
IMOW: Abdul-Rauf on 9/11
IMOW: Abdul-Rauf can't be stopped
IMOW: Abdul-Rauf on today's NBA

Not sure how long the link will be around, so watch it now! Thanks for the tip, br. Mujaahid!

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