Sunday, November 1, 2009

Connecting the Dots

The character assassination of Imam Luqman by the FBI and its media partners is being used to justify his murder. It is apparent, due to what he stood for, that his murder (martyrdom) was based on forethought and malice. Sending in a police attack dog, after all, was a clear provocation. Imam Luqman never pointed or fired a gun at FBI agents. They claim that they shot him after he shot their attack dog, which they unleashed on him. Imam Luqman was shot 18 times by them. Let us connect some dots here:
  • "The authorities had been monitoring him for years."
  • "The complaint shows the FBI built its case with the help of confidential sources close to Abdullah who recorded conversations."
  • "The document notes conversations he had with undercover agents and federal informants..."
  • "They’re staging the whole thing up," said his son, actor Omar Regan. "They put puzzles together, throw it on the media, attack their character, and try to make everything look worse than it is. That’s just what they do because they have to look good."
  • "Local Muslims told FBI officials that the criminal complaint reveals a case involving undercover informants who enticed Abdullah and his followers..."
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