Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Regarding our upcoming hosting during the ISNA convention

As-salaamu 'alaikum, dear believers

A concerned sister e-mailed us a few days ago wondering why we had chosen to host Muslims during a convention arranged by an organization (ISNA) whose leaders we've disagreed with for several years. For those of you who may have a similar question on your minds, rest assured that we will be using the opportunity to educate as wide and diverse an audience of our fellow believers as possible about the reality of Islam in America. On Friday and Saturday of the convention, we will be publicizing a Sunday event (to be held at our Masjid) entitled "The Re-Punking of the FBI" (flier forthcoming). Like its predecessor ("How to Punk the FBI" from June 2007), this program will be aimed at giving our fellow Muslims a message of courage and clear-mindedness in an environment of government intimidation, trickery, and misguidance.

As-Sabiqun DC

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