Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some commentaries on Ghazzah

Though partly framed in terminology which is most familiar to our Shi'a brothers and sisters, any sincere justice-oriented Muslim will find great value and insight in this speech by Shaikh Hasan Nasrallah, which was delivered in the early part of the Zionist onslaught:

http://inminds. co.uk/article. php?id=10271

A more recent, well-written article by a Western writer makes a strong point that, in spite of recent comments by the Zionist prime minister and how things may seem on the surface, the Zionists have largely failed and the persistence and immense sacrifice of our brothers and sisters has paid off. This is in line with the hopefulness that Imam Musa has constantly reminded us to hold onto:


Another from the same site, by a Muslim writer:


And finally, here's one by a local brother and supporter who discusses the emergence of a widespread consciousness about the true nature of the Zionist entity as well as of spineless puppet rulers in the Muslim world:


Please continue to keep our brothers and sisters in Ghazzah in your du'as. Donate to Islamic Relief or other charity organizations which are providing direct assistance to Ghazzah. May Allah (swt) continue to strengthen us all.

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